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Who we are

Vector Maths and Science, founded in 2017, specialises in the production of maths and science learning material. Its mission is to nurture a learner’s creativity alongside analysis. Vector product users dive deep into mathematical and scientific ideas, trying to understand facts and phenomena and develop the necessary skills for success in today’s highly demanding world. Vector Maths and Science constantly strives to uphold the same uncompromising standards in order to offer innovative, creative and practical materials concurrently earning and keeping the trust of those who choose our materials.

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What we publish

We publish learning materials that help learners conceive mathematical and scientific ideas, develop their cognitive capabilities and acquire the necessary mathematical, scientific and life skills. We are consistently present every step of the way along this fascinating journey of lifelong learning and teaching.

Our products include a broad spectrum of learning materials to suit different age groups, levels of learning and a respect towards multicultural backgrounds. Our books focus on efficient pedagogies focusing on the learners’ needs, accompanied by the latest technologies.

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How we work

At Vector Maths and Science, we work with authors, editors, consultants and teachers to make certain we understand the demands of different educational settings, diverse ways of learning, and the range of parameters needed to be taken into consideration to support teaching and learning. We also place great emphasis on establishing effective communication and maintaining the utmost highest standards in business ethics. We work diligently to fulfill our mission of facilitating our teachers and learners in their respective undertakings.

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We belong to a bigger family

Vector Maths and Science is a part of MM Educational Group, the brand name of an international group of companies specialising in the production of superior quality educational materials. MM Educational Group, which was founded in 1974, has since then been dedicated to excellence in education. It consists of seven distinguished companies in their respective fields, all involved in the sharing of knowledge. Over the past decades it has accomplished a major achievement, establishing an ever-growing global presence. Today MM Educational Group operates in over 110 countries around the world and claims more than 3000 titles and a wide range of e-learning solutions.

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